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Purpose of tools : 

Tools are the documents which help us do our jobs effectively and efficiently. They can be in a variety of formats with the most common being Adobe PDF and the Microsoft Office formats for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

All tools available on this site are free for you to download and use in your decommissioning project. If a tool has a commercial cost but has been deemed useful, a link is provided to the vendor’s site where you can get more information and detail about the tool.

We invite all our visitors to submit tools and examples of existing tools which they feel could be helpful and useful to others who may be going through the same decommissioning process. If you feel you have a tool that could be useful, please click the link below, fill in the details as requested and submit your tool.

Once we receive a new tool submission, we will review the tool and keep you updated on the progress of the review.

Submit a New Tool

Tools in L2P2
Tool IDTool NameTimeFrameWorkStreamModified 
T000462 OGUK Well Decom Guidelines MORE THAN 10 YEARS BEFORE CoP WELL PLUG AND ABANDONMENT 21-12-2018 View
T000460 Lessons Learned on-line tool PRE LATE LIFE BUSINESS STRATEGY 21-12-2018 View
T000459 Problem Definition Tool PRE LATE LIFE PROJECT MANAGEMENT 21-12-2018 View
T000456 Project Collaboration Tool 3 YEARS BEFORE CoP PROJECT MANAGEMENT 21-12-2018 View
T000455 Records Retention Schedule 3 YEARS BEFORE CoP REGULATORY COMPLIANCE 21-12-2018 View
T000453 Environmental Appraisal Guideline PRE LATE LIFE REGULATORY COMPLIANCE 21-12-2018 View
T000452 Platform Decommissioning Cost Estimator 10 TO 5 YEARS BEFORE CoP LIABILITY ECONOMICS 8-1-2019 Under Review
T000450 Contract Risk Allocation 5 TO 3 YEARS BEFORE CoP CONTRACTING STRATEGY 21-12-2018 View
C000447 Pipeline Dewatering - Handling the Returns POST CoP TECHNOLOGY 19-12-2018 Under Review
C000446 Waste Management in Offshore Decommissioning 5 TO 3 YEARS BEFORE CoP REGULATORY COMPLIANCE 21-12-2018 View

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