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Environmental Appraisal Guideline

Decom North Sea



The project has been developed in close association with the Offshore Decommissioning Unit (ODU) of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). This close association has resulted in the production of a guidance document that is aligned to the expectations of the Regulator. Since the ODU is currently reviewing and revising the decommissioning environmental guidelines, this document is dynamic and will be updated periodically to ensure alignment with current Regulator policy. In producing this guidance document, Decom North Sea have produced what is intended to be a useful tool in the planning stage of decommissioning and in the preparation of a Decommissioning Plan. However, it should be emphasised that early engagement with the Regulator is encouraged and recommended. The Regulator (BEIS,ODU) is available for consultation and while this guidance document has been produced to align with Regulator policy, it does not take the place of the Regulator’s guidelines and should instead be viewed as complementary to BEIS guidelines.

Regulatory Compliance

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