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The use of full engineering workpacks may not be appropriate during the execution phase of a project. Whilst it’s important to recognise that the purpose of a workpack is to provide adequate instruction to site personnel, this need not be so detailed that it inhibits the introduction of more efficient practices by an experienced construction team.

In the onshore preparation phase (post COP and prior to returning to the installation) significant work was done to plan scaffolding activity on the project. The number of structures had to be identified so that the job could be planned and the correct quantity of material sent to the installation. Over 11 volumes of scaffolding scopes were prepared with the associated checking and approval for desk based preparation activities and material requisitioned.

Efforts were made to replace scaffolding workscope by using industrial rope access techniques.

In order that the site personnel received only the information relevant to the work they would be undertaking, the project team developed the concept of “soft packs”. These focussed on the mission rather than the details of how to achieve it and contained only the information relevant to the site work and meant that a smaller amount of information was required at the work site. This allowed flexibility in the approach without compromising safety, reduced the work needed offshore and offered the possibility of reducing the approval cycle (and therefore time and cost) for onshore document preparation

Maintain the focus that the workforce at the worksite require adequate work instruction which can be reduced to a minimum and allow flexibility – not large workpacks with information that is unlikely to re reviewed at the worksite. Involve experienced offshore construction personnel in the planning of the work before commitment to large desk-based work preparation.






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