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Offshore staff communication Communication of the decision to decommission the platform to offshore staff was not as clear and timely as it should have been. Naturally the crew are concerned about job security. In the end the impact was not much of an issue as generally individuals are either eager to be involved in a decommisisoning project or would liek to stick with steady state operations. It is a difficult situation as until BEIS have approeved the COP application it is presumptuous to publicly communicate COP. This can lead to a lack of openess. More frequent engagement on COP planning without a specific date could help.

Communication issues with offshore personnel regarding CoP lead to anxiety and apprehension in crew. Possible HSE issues.

Once BEIS approved CoP plan, crew were informed.

Didn’t work

More frequent engagement with production team on possible timeline of events to avoid work force losses and potential incidencies related to loss of focus on the job.






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