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Purpose of Lesson : 

Lessons gathered and identified during projects can be experiences, techniques or methods that provide benefit to future projects. These lessons can allow future projects to avoid undesirable situations, or equally provide guidance on positive experiences which can improve project outcomes. Both types of lessons become useful when they are shared and put into practice by the decommissioning community.

The lessons published on the Late Life Planning Portal focus on those lessons from which improvements to the tools and site can be identified, implemented and thus providing value to future projects.

We invite all our visitors to submit lessons which they feel could be helpful and useful to others who may be going through the same decommissioning process. If you feel you have a lesson that could be useful, please click the link below, fill in the details as requested and submit your lesson.

Once we receive a new lesson submission, we will review the lesson and keep you updated on the progress of the review.

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Lessons in L2P2
Lesson IDLesson SummaryTime FrameWorkstreamDate Submitted 
L000089 The integrity of subsea structures should be evaluated prior to defining recovery inventory, decommissioning strategy and programme approval rather than making assumptions that the condition of the Subsea Controls System is good prior to Decommissioning 10 TO 5 YEARS BEFORE CoP CONTRACTING STRATEGY 22-8-2016 View
L000090 The regulator’s experience from reviewing a number of projects is that conventional planning for decommissioning such as standard decision gate processes and project management tools are insufficient to manage decommissioning 5 TO 3 YEARS BEFORE CoP PROJECT MANAGEMENT 22-8-2016 View
L000091 Strategy change causing changes to decommissioning planning and readiness 5 TO 3 YEARS BEFORE CoP PROJECT MANAGEMENT 22-8-2016 View
L000092 Integrated approach between operations and decommissioning PRE LATE LIFE PROJECT MANAGEMENT 22-8-2016 View
L000093 Strategies for transition from Operations to Decommissioning 3 YEARS BEFORE CoP PRODUCTION OPERATIONS 9-9-2016 View
L000094 An operator’s experience has been that The Stakeholder Engagement Process worked well. It was reactive but fit-for-purpose. The NFFO, and DECC were consulted prior to commencement of the formal consultation process. Engaging with statutory stakeholders in advance of public consultation worked very well as it allowed us to receive comments from the NFFO and DECC on our proposals prior to the formal public consultation taking place. The lesson learned is that the Stakeholder Engagement Process with key regulatory bodies (DBEIS, OGA, NFFO) should be initiated early in the project for swift approval of decommissioning programs. The operator has documented the requirement to engage with statutory stakeholders in advance of public consultation. Also to make corporate affairs aware of the scope and detail of the conversations; the intention is that eventually all stakeholder communications will be managed via a web application. 5 TO 3 YEARS BEFORE CoP STAKEHOLDERS 13-10-2016 View
L000096 The use of full engineering workpacks may not be appropriate during the execution phase of a project. Whilst it’s important to recognise that the purpose of a workpack is to provide adequate instruction to site personnel, this need not be so detailed that it inhibits the introduction of more efficient practices by an experienced construction team. POST CoP PROJECT MANAGEMENT 25-11-2016 View
L000101 In planning a decommissioning project, and whilst such projects differ from capital investment projects in many ways, it’s important to remember the basic disciplines and guidelines of successful project management 5 TO 3 YEARS BEFORE CoP PROJECT MANAGEMENT 12-2-2017 View
L000102 Contracting strategy to be specific and relevant to demolition workscope 5 TO 3 YEARS BEFORE CoP PROJECT MANAGEMENT 17-3-2017 View

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