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​​​​​​​​Frequently Asked Questions

I’m new to decommissioning. How do I use the Late Life Planning Portal?

Where to start?
The portal has been designed to guide different functions within organisations through a journey from late life into commencement of decommissioning works offshore. The timelines on the landing page​ are structured arou​nd experience from a number of large decommissioning projects, and could be different for smaller assets such as sub-sea structures and FPSO’s.

What it is
It is a high level work breakdown and phasing of activities during the transition from steady state operations to ceasing production.

The portal contains tools, reports, information and processes that decommissioning practitioners have recognised as adding value.

How to use it
Taking into account both the work breakdown structure and the timeline, determine either the row, column or intersection that best applies. Clicking on this will provide access to essential information and tools that we believe will add value to your project.

Why was the Late Life Planning Portal (L2P2) created?
L2P2 was created by an industry working group in response to a need to modify the existing project management process, since the changes impact all aspects of running the asset and decisions made early on can impact the net present value of the asset.

What are the aims of L2P2?

  • Provide access to guidance, proven tools and templates, ready to adapt and employ
  • Provide lessons learned, thereby driving continuous improvement
  • Demonstrate approaches to projects and their status
  • Generate opportunities for the supply chain
    • Promotes a common language between supply and demand
    • Identification of gaps in the supply chain capability
    • Enabled identification of R&D focus areas
  • Assist improved decision making and project management
  • Promote consistency of approach to project planning and execution
  • Create a space for an online forum for discussion and mutual problem solving

Need further help?
Further guidance documentation can be found on the Using L2P2 page and useful regulatory body links can be found by clicking on Industry Information. If you have any additional questions, please Contact Us.

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